About The Magpie Whisperer

The Magpie Whisperer

Danielle's passion for magpies has taken her on an incredible journey, beginning with a deep fascination for these highly intelligent birds over a decade ago. Since then, she has dedicated herself to the study and care of magpies, immersing herself in their world to better understand their unique behaviours and personalities.

One of the things Danielle finds most fascinating about magpies is their complex communication methods. She spends countless hours observing their interactions with each other and with their environment, studying the intricate vocalisations they use to communicate messages, convey emotions and coordinate their actions. Through her work, she has developed a deep appreciation for the subtle complexities of magpie behaviour and personality, recognising that each bird has its own individual traits and characteristics that make them truly special.

As her understanding of magpies has deepened, so too has Danielle's passion for these remarkable creatures. She is committed to raising awareness about their importance in the natural world, and showcasing their fun and lovable side through a variety of media. Whether through her writing, photography or educational resources, Danielle has sought to share her knowledge and passion with others.

Her goal is to inspire others to appreciate and protect magpies for generations to come, highlighting their unique qualities and behaviours to capture the hearts and minds of bird lovers everywhere.


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The Healing Power of Magpies

Battling from severe anxiety and depression, over a decade ago, Danielle found a surprising ally in the form of magpies. Through the darkest of days, these intelligent birds stand by her, providing comfort and companionship when she needs it the most. This experience serves as a testament to the special connection between humans and animals, highlighting the therapeutic effects of nature on mental health.

"When experiencing moments of emotional distress, I find comfort in the company of Australian Magpies. Their resounding melodies provide an instant boost to my mood and a sense of calm to my mind. To me, magpies are not just birds, but rather cherished companions who are essential to my sense of well-being. Their presence has brought a sense of purpose and belonging that is exceptional, and I cannot imagine the direction my life would have taken without them."

Danielle finds solace in the company of birds, and often prefers their company to that of people. This preference stems from the fact that animals, unlike people, do not judge or criticise. Danielle has expressed that being around people can cause feelings of anxiety or discomfort, which she does not experience in the presence of animals. For her, the presence of animals provides a sense of peace and calm that is difficult to replicate in human interactions. In this sense, birds have become not only a source of joy and entertainment but also a source of emotional support for Danielle.
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From Awareness to Action as a Licensed Wildlife Carer

In addition to raising awareness, Danielle's fascination with magpies also motivated her to become a licensed wildlife carer. She was determined to repay these birds for all the countless ways they had helped her. Through her work, she has provided medical attention and rehabilitation to numerous injured or orphaned magpies, with the goal of helping them return to their natural habitat. In some cases, she has even taken in young magpies and raised them by hand, giving them a chance to thrive and survive in the wild.
However, Danielle's focus hasn't only been on magpies. She has also expanded her attention to include other "black sheep" birds of the avian world, such as native Noisy Miners, Masked Lapwings, and Currawongs. These birds often face negative perceptions and are misunderstood by the public, much like magpies. By including these birds in her work, Danielle hopes to show that they are just as deserving of love and care as any other bird species.

Unforgettable Moments Caught on Camera

The Magpie Whisperer's videos have gained immense popularity, with tens of millions of views on social media. The videos offer several benefits to viewers. Firstly, they provide a source of entertainment and enjoyment, with their playful and amusing content. Watching magpies frolicking under sprinklers, playing with toys, and teasing each other can be a refreshing break from the stresses of daily life.

Additionally, the videos serve as educational tools, showcasing the intelligence and personality of magpies. Viewers can learn about the behavior and habits of these birds, gaining a deeper appreciation for them.
Through her engaging social media presence, Danielle has built a large following of people who share her love and appreciation for magpies. The videos help to foster a sense of community among viewers who share a love for magpies. Through comments and messages, viewers can connect with one another and share their experiences and stories about magpies.

Capturing the Beauty of Australian Magpies through Photography

Danielle's passion for bird photography and her appreciation for the distinctive qualities of the Australian magpie make them an excellent subject for her photographs. In order to capture the best shots, Danielle takes a hands-on approach and gets up close and personal with the magpies. She patiently studies their behavior and movements, allowing her to anticipate their actions and reactions and showcase their unique features.

Through her photography, Danielle not only captures the striking beauty of these birds, but highlights their unique qualities and behaviour.

Her bird images have been featured in various prestigious publications, including:

    • Australian Magpie: 2nd Edition by Professor Gisela Kaplan
      • Australian Geographic
        • The Nature Conservancy Australia
          • Australia Post
            • ABC
              • Planet Ark
                • ABK Publications
                  • The Conversation
                    • Pearson Education Australia
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