A Baby Magpies Plea: Lessons from a Young Bird's Perspective

Posted by The Magpie Whisperer on

If you see me on the ground, hold tight, my parents are likely to be somewhere around.

They may be out collecting my food, or chasing off predators that are likely to intrude! Please give them time, and wait to see, as they are extremely likely to return to me.

As I wobble and clumsily flutter down to the ground, I'm just learning my bearings on how to get around! An exciting new world for me to see, I'm out of the nest and free as can be! Although I may not yet be able to fly, please don't worry as I'm bound to get by. I can usually flutter and jump to higher ground. I can also communicate with my parents by emitting a sound.

If you see me in immediate danger, please help and don't be a stranger! If I'm injured, I need your assistance. Call your local animal rescue shelter to help secure my existence!

Please don't be tempted to take me home, and try to raise me on your own. I require experienced care, and a nutritious diet like my parents would have shown. I know you mean well and genuinely thank you for caring. But when it comes to raising me, even my parents find it overbearing!

If I'm too young and unable to be returned to my nest, here's something you can try to ensure my progress. Constructing a makeshift nest is easy as can be. Octopus straps, a hanging basket, leaf litter, then securely hang it up in a tree! Make sure to wait until my parents return. If you observe them tending to me, then there is no reason for further concern!

If you're ever in doubt, do not fuss. Ring your local wildlife shelter, and they'll be able to help us!

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