Poster: Refuse Rodenticides to Safeguard Wildlife from Secondary Poisoning

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Raising awareness about the dangers of rodenticides and secondary poisoning is of utmost importance for the preservation and protection of the natural environment, as well as the safety and well-being of wildlife. By educating people about the harmful effects of rodenticides and the potential risks of secondary poisoning, we can help reduce the prevalence of these harmful chemicals in the environment and prevent unintentional harm to non-target species.

Spread the Word about Secondary Poisoning and Help Save Our Wildlife

By printing and distributing this material, you can help spread the word to more people and help prevent further harm. The materials you are free to distribute can take many forms, from flyers and posters to digital images or social media posts. Whatever medium you choose, please remember to keep the credit for the material visible and intact. This will help ensure that people can easily find the original source and learn more about the issue..

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