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Welcome to the sneak peek of "Magpie Munchies," our FREE eBook narrated by yours truly, R2-D2, the Masterchef Magpie!

I've noticed that many folks just can't resist feeding us, even when experts often advise against it. They also understand that people will do it anyway. Magpie Munchies takes a proactive approach by educating people on how to do it safely and responsibly.

Having this guide to educate them is much better than simply discouraging feeding altogether, and thus, people continue to feed us magpies the wrong things! By providing this information, we can ensure that the food we receive is nutritious and won't harm us.

From navigating the risks of MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease) to avoiding toxic treats that could harm us, we'll explore the essential do's and don'ts of feeding magpies.

But don't worry, my fine-featherless friends – it's not all cautionary tales. We'll also venture into the realm of nutritious tucker, presenting recipes fit for magpie royalty. And if you're curious about what magpies feast on in the wild, we'll take a closer look at our natural diet.

Additionally, we'll spill the beans on how to transform your backyard into a bug bonanza – a downright scrumptious spread fit for us magpies! And don't forget the specially designed foraging tray to amp up our feathery fun!


📖 Click here to read an excerpt from our book about Metabolic Bone Disease in Magpies.


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