Magpie Hanging from Wattle

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 ℹ️ Scroll below for instructions on how to use this online colouring page.

Help Section

Getting Started

Click the paint bucket-icon and a selection of tools will pop out. Choose your preferred colouring tool. You can use other tools whenever you wish by re-selecting the paint-bucket icon.


Full-screen and Exit full-screen

To enter full-screen, scroll to the top of this post to find the black button "Open Full-screen Mode."
To exit full-screen, click the esc button on your keyboard.



If you make a mistake, click the undo button. Blue is undo and green is is redo.
Please note - there is maximum of 12 undos.




Downloading Your Colouring Page

Do you want to share your completed work? Click the blue circle download button on the colouring screen and save to your device.
Files downloaded are in .png image format.



To print your work, simply click the print icon on the colouring screen.



Am I Able to Save My Work Online to Finish Later?
Unfortunately, at this stage there is no option to save your online progress - we apologise in advance 😓💗